Applications Being Accepted Now

How to Register

TrustCanna products are regulated in line with the risk that is considered proportional to the industry sectors. The regulatory frameworks that are in place to regulate safety of food, vapes, cosmetics etc, should continue to perform that function. TrustCanna simply sets a benchmark that all authorised products meet the requirement of those regulations.

As such, a simple register of cannabis business operators (CBO’s) and products, backed up with a self-declaration application and approvals process provides the required information to make informed approval decisions on a business and products.

Click on the link below to the portal registration. As the ‘responsible person’, please submit your name and email and you will receive a link to create a password. You will then have access to the portal.

Registering your company

Registering your company is easy and quick. Sign up to the portal (as described above) and you will need the following information:

  • Details of the responsible person
  • Details of the business
  • Details of your local authority (FBO registration evidence)
  • Declaration

Registering your products

You can then add details of your products:

  • Supply chain (supplier info, extract, cannabinoid profile, lab reports)
  • Product info (type, name, image, packaging, ingredients, volume, extract, cannabinoid profile)
  • Final lab reports
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Registration Pricing

Each individual product registration at £200
Registration of products with the same formula but differing flavours/terpene profiles will be charged at only £50